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Microsoft ‘Gave’ Nokia $1 Billion To Select WinPho 7 over Android

Mar 9, 2011

Microsoft bribes Nokia
Nokia Loves WinPho7

According to Bloomberg News, Microsoft gave a 1 billion dollar present to Nokia for abandoning their proprietary operating system in favor of WinPho 7 which is great news for mobile gamblers.

The reasons are finally coming to light about Nokia’s strange decision to abandon its own proprietary operating system in favor of Windows Phone 7.

Besides Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, being a Microsoft executive for years prior to recently becoming Nokia CEO, there is now evidence that Nokia will receive a cool billion dollars from Microsoft ‘to promote and develop smartphones for the MS Windows OS.’

Over the next five years, as the billion slowly flows into Nokia’s coffers, the generally disliked mobile operating system will begin making its way into a new generation of smartphones. Android, was curiously pushed out of the picture, and all of Finland is boiling mad with Stephen Elop.

mobile casino software developers are not impressed and neither is Intel’s CEO, and Nokia’s partner who publicly said ‘They should have gone with Android’. According to Bloomberg financial news, Nokia lost 25% of its value since the announcement of the deal less than a month ago.

Windows cheerleaders say that the choice of WinPho 7 will allow Nokia products to stand out among the forest of Android Phones. Others refute that argument by claiming that choosing an unpopular operating system like WinPhon 7 is hardly the correct way to win over new customers.

Most mobile analysts believe that the end of Nokia is just around the corner, lament waste of Meego, and predict Nokia will closely following the fate of the Palm – “Meego is designed how Android should have been, with perfect tools that all mobile casinos and gamblers would have loved. But that ship has sailed. Android’s getting better with every SDK release. Nokia will probably hang on for a while, but they’re already just a shell of their former selves.”

“Nokia will go the same way as the Palm. Then again, they’ve pretty much followed the same arc as Palm, including the whole ‘We are going to make our own next-generation Linux-based OS!’ which then got subverted by ‘We will just use Windows Mobile for now.'” – stated the editorial of a highly respected mobile industry website.

The current trend in mobile casino games development is to focus primarily on the capabilities of Android and iPhone OS, and whatever happens to work for WinPho7, is just icing on the cake.

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