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Swiss government rewrites gambling laws, new online casinos on the horizon

May 14, 2009

Switzerland has traditionally been against online gambling. They have made strong efforts during the past few years to prohibit online casinos and other websites, going as far as to try and block such sites from being accessed by Swiss players. In a press release issued by the Swiss Ministry of Justice last week, it was announced that the government of Switzerland is completely reversing their position on internet gambling.

Soon, the Swiss government will begin issuing licenses for companies to operate online casino and poker gambling sites. It is not yet clear whether these licenses will be available only to Swiss companies or if they will be issued to foreign companies as well. Either way, a rule has been put in place insisting that only Swiss players can access these new websites.

Another major change is that the government will stop all attempts to prevent Swiss players from using foreign online gambling websites. This means that not only will Swiss players be able to use local gambling websites, but they will be able to access other gambling sites around the world, without restriction.

Online gambling is a powerful force in this age, and countries around the world are starting to catch on and legalize it. Wherever you live, however, chances are good you can still use foreign internet gambling websites. The reason for this is that foreign sites are beyond the jurisdiction of your local government. So whatever country you call home, online blackjack and other great casino games are just a click away!

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