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New Gambling Study Rates Casino Blackjack Least Addicting

Mar 15, 2011

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A new study conducted by a team of psychologists and addiction experts from University of Sydney demonstrated that blackjack players are the least problematic.

In a recent global study conducted by the University of Sydney, which correlated levels of harm caused by gambling addiction to specific gambling activities, blackjack card games were found to be the least harmful.

The study focused on interviewing patients within gambling rehabilitation centers to determine which forms of gambling caused patients’ lives to become unmanageable.

The results of the study showed that less than 1% of all individuals who sought inpatient treatment for gambling addiction sited blackjack as their game of choice. The recently published study was conducted by addiction experts attached to the University of Sydney Department of Psychology.

The study showed that betting on sporting events and no-limit cash poker games were listed by 85% of respondents as the chief cause of seeking long term gambling rehab treatment. Not even one person in treatment indicated that playing online blackjack caused disorder within their lives which led to treatment.

The study also showed a statistically significant correlation between alcoholism, drug abuse and problematic gambling. Playing poker while intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics was found to be 15,000% more likely to cause major financial difficulties than playing sober. Virtually every single punter admitted to placing the majority of oversized bets on long shot sporting events as a result of being intoxicated.

The study demonstrated that sports gambling, no-limit poker, betting on horse races and lottery were the primary causes of self-destructive behavior when mixed with alcohol and drug abuse. No correlation was found between loosing or winning at blackjack and addictive behavior based on the ten point rating system used by the research team.

The study defined a ‘problem gambler’ as an individual who spends significantly more money on the activity than planned, and fails to consider the possible consequences of such behavior. Gamblers Anonymous spokesperson Michael S. explains – ‘If you see nothing wrong with gambling your rent money, missing work, skipping your child’s birthday party because of a 2 to 1 odds bet, you have a problem.’

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