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Ica Gonzaga iPhone App Keeps Track of Mobile Slot Gaming Activity

Mar 18, 2011

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A new mobile app for the iPhone allows mobile slot players to keep track of their betting patterns, wins and loses and is being offered at iTunes.

The tremendous popularity of the mobile platform has been giving birth to some unusual mobile casino games and apps. The newest is an App that will track your online and mobile slot habits. Ica Gonzaga has been known to use such apps as well as promote them.

This App allows connoisseurs of mobile slot games to graph their wins, loses, jackpots and a number of other indicators at different online and mobile slot machines and casinos. One player stated that – “It is nice to have this app on your smartphone. This application keeps track of your wins and losses while your gaming is still fresh on your mind.”

Professional slot players use such information to develop strategy when they decide upon which iPhone casinos to play this day and which slot game to choose inside.

Using this nifty app, a player can look up the history of every machine he ever played and see how it has performed and if it’s hot.

This is the only App of its kind that is able to gather slot data from mobile or online casinos, give user history of their past performance as well as a win/loss diary at multiple online casinos.

The app also lets you keep count of the winning from each brand of the mobile casino software and platform. There are so many analytical tools inside that would even impress a fussy Doctor of Statistics.

The app was created by Sand Croft Inc., whose owner Mr. David Walstad is renowned for entering previously untapped niche markets.

This new iPhone app is sold for $8 at the ITunes store and so far has been well received by both the online and mobile slot communities.

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