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iPhone Blackjack App Useful Mobile Casino Training Tool on the Go

September 4, 2011

Seahorse Software recently released a fast-paced new game for the iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices. The game is called Blackjack Run,...

Online Blackjack Casino Strategy: Hit, Split or Hold a Pair of 8s

May 29, 2011

Many players don't understand why splitting 8s is considered a good strategy instead of hitting or even marrying the 16....

Best Online Blackjack Card Game Strategy – 2 Top Questions Answered

May 9, 2011

Two important questions to help win online blackjack card games are answered, analyzed and explained....

Bad Beat Blackjack Progressive Side Bet Successfully Tested in California

November 15, 2010

DEQ Systems Corp, a provider of blackjack table game solutions, has released Bad Beat Blackjack Progressive after two months of testing in...