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Twitter’s Sid Patil on Card Counting and His MIT Blackjack Team Years

September 4, 2015

Twitter’s Data Scientist Sid Patil shared some exciting experiences from his years as the member of a MIT Blackjack Team...

Do Pit Bosses Count Cards? Separating Myth and Fact

May 24, 2014

According to popular belief pit bosses count cards of the games being dealt, but what is the truth when it comes to...

Is It Really Possible to Make an Income from Counting Cards in Blackjack?

March 8, 2014

In the 21st century is it possible to make a living from card counting strategies....

British Pensioner Charged for Illegal Horse Betting

June 22, 2012

British retiree finds the arms of the law grab him for betting on horses on behalf of his friends....