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Indian Charlie Sheen Lookalike Is a Clever Gambler

October 23, 2012

Bollywood actor legend Jeetendra even has his own system for blackjack card counting....

Charlie Sheen Converts to Islam after Losing 1 Million at Blackjack

October 4, 2011

Charlie Sheen, while on a Vegas party binge, wound up losing a million dollars playing blackjack and became Muslim while trying to...

Blackjack Card Counter Strategy for Casinos – 10 Rules to Win Big

June 5, 2011

Many new blackjack card counters enter the casino and behave as a stereotype of a card counter and casino security...

Mobile Gambling Recovery iPhone App Helps Addicts Stop Using

April 4, 2011

An original mobile application for the iPhone, designed to assist recovering addicts stay clean is gaining widespread use...

Elizabeth Taylor Dead – Her Last Words – Sex Symbol, Blackjack Player

March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor, the world renown beauty, actress, philanthropist and aficionado of blackjack, died earlier today from heart failure......

Casino Blackjack Gambler Bet $2.5 Million on Charlie Sheen Goddesses

March 1, 2011

A very strange $2.5 million proposition bet was made online between two professional blackjack players on the date of death of Charlie...