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New Era in iPad Casino Gambling Ushered By Faster Tablet From Apple

March 8, 2012

The waiting time for all Apple fans is over - the company has just unveiled the next generation of iPad....

New i-Gaming Gadgets Revealed at the Mobile World Congress

March 1, 2012

The Mobile World Congress has again unleashed a battalion of new I-gaming gadgets soon to be heading our way...

New Mobile Casino Gambling Era with HyperThreading from Intel

February 29, 2012

The Mobile World Congress is well under way bringing mobile gamers an array of new smartphones, while Intel takes things one step...

Mysterious Mobile Gambling Phone Featuring Nvidia Quad-Core

February 11, 2012

Mobile casino gamers excited by a leaked Nvidia advertisement promising a quad-core smartphone...

Power Mobile Gambling on Intel Medfield Chip inside Lenovo K800

January 13, 2012

Intel’s new chipset platform Medfield will provide unprecedented mobile gambling experience on Lenovo K800 smartphone...

Sony Mobile Gambling with Ericsson MT27i Pepper Review

January 9, 2012

Nozomi is not the only Sony Ericsson smartphone discussed by mobile casino gambling enthusiasts...

Nokia Casinos Gamers Weep As Vertu About to Be Sold Off

December 8, 2011

Nokia is contemplating selling its Vertu division of high-end luxury phones in order to raise cash for the smartphone business...

Nokia Casinos Thank Sweet Baby Jesus for X2-02 Release

December 1, 2011

Mobile gamers fond of music receive a gift from Nokia – the latest featurephone X2-02 is both cheap and functional...

Mobile Casino Gambling Reaches New Heights with AMOLED Screens

November 29, 2011

Mobile casino gambling is about to undergo major improvement thanks to new AMOLED technology...

Mastermind of 1993 Las Vegas Casino $3 Million Theft Never Caught

November 9, 2011

As the 18th anniversary of the theft of over $2.9 million of Las Vegas Casino Circus Circus cash passed by, cops are...

Low Prices For Unlocked iPhones Commemorate Death of Founder

October 8, 2011

Independent mobile gamers happy about the unlocked iPhone 4S prices announcements in their respective countries...

Wealthy Mobile Gamers Taunt Homeless at Vertu Constellation T Release

October 5, 2011

Finally mobile casino gambling will be available in style with the launch of the first Vertu touchscreen phone...

Mobile Gamer could not Keep Image of the New Nokia to himself

October 3, 2011

German mobile gamers stumble upon a new Nokia device, allegedly heading for T-Mobile network...

Mobile Casino Gamers Envy Japanese Colleagues over 3 New Phones

October 1, 2011

Japanese mobile gamers are in luck as three monster smartphones are heading their way...

Nokia Swears To Care For All N9 Mobile Gamers After Death of OS

September 29, 2011

Nokia N9 will be the last of the MeeGo phones from the Finnish giant, yet customer support isn’t going anywhere...

New Records Smashed As Mobile Gamers Snap Up Samsung Galaxy S2

July 4, 2011

Another record has been broken by Samsung Galaxy S II – 3 million phone units sold just 55 days after the initial...

Mobile Gamers Can’t Wait for Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo Review

June 21, 2011

Spy photos of Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo are creating a stir among technophiles and mobile casino gamers...

Sharp Hybrid 007SH Review – Underwater Mobile Gambling Released

May 23, 2011

Waterproof Android smartphone from Sharp will spawn in Japan sometime within a month...

Samsung Galaxy S II Review Excites the Best Mobile Casino Gamers

May 21, 2011

The Sasung Galaxy S II unleashed the powers of the ancient gods upon unsuspecting apple pickers leaving few alive to tell the...

Microsoft ‘Gave’ Nokia $1 Billion To Select WinPho 7 over Android

March 9, 2011

Microsoft gave Nokia 1 billion dollars in future development money as long as the company choses WinPho 7 over Google's Android....