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Mobile Gambling on the HTC One Smartphones About to Go Live

March 31, 2012

HTC One series prepares to hit the shelves as pricing policy is now available to mobile gamers....

Quad-core Mobile Gaming on HTC is Just a Block Away

February 13, 2012

The rumors about a quad-core wonder-phone from HTC have been spreading around ever since November, now, more details surfaced...

UK Mobile Gamers Preorder White HTC Sensation XE in Droves

February 9, 2012

British mobile gamers can now preorder the white version of HTC Sensation XE smartphone...

Mobile Gambling Unaffected by Wi-Fi Security Bug on HTC Smartphones

February 3, 2012

A bit of embarrassment for HTC: a Wi-Fi security bug has been discovered on their selected Android phones...

Mobile Gambling on HTC Phone with Quad-core CPU to Start Early

January 20, 2012

The latest rumors suggest that HTC will unveil their first smartphone with quad-core CPU one day before the start of MWC...

Delicious Mobile Gambling Treat: Android ICS on LG Smartphones

December 27, 2011

LG delivers on its promise to treat mobile gamers to Android Ice Cream Sandwich and announces the update schedule...

Mobile Gamers Welcome HTC Wildfire Casino Games

December 15, 2011

HTC has been true to its word and treats mobile gamers to another software update – Wildfire S receives Android 2.3.5...

HTC Mobile Gambling Even Better On Incredible S

December 9, 2011

HTC Incredible S smartphone to receive Android 2.3.5 and Sense UI 3.0 update providing mobile gamers more options...

Mobile Gambling Revolution Approaches With Quad-core HTC Edge

November 8, 2011

Mobile gaming will never be the same once the HTC Edge, the first quad-core smartphone, emerges...

HTC Rezound Release Date Spreads Panic Among Mobile Gamers

October 31, 2011

A fresh Verizon TV ad leaks the next HTC flagship smartphone – Rezound, a 4G LTE capable device...

Google Nexus Prime Release Date Shocks Competitors and Mobile Gamers

September 30, 2011

October will nerve-wrecking month for all mobile gamers as several manufacturers will announce their new smartphones...

Mobile Gamers Hack Release Date of HTC Ruby and Samsung Hercules

August 20, 2011

Two of the most anticipated mobile devices from HTC and Samsung are to be released on the same day in United States...

Mobile Gamers Disappointed with HTC Sensation over Screen Problems

August 3, 2011

Mobile casino gamers discovered a new problem with HTC Sensation – unresponsive touchscreen...

Gingerbread on HTC Desire will Entertain Mobile Gaming this July

July 11, 2011

The end of July is the official date for Android Gingerbread update on HTC Desire according to the company’s official statement...

No Gingerbread for HTC Desire – Just Jackpot in Android Casino Review

June 15, 2011

Mobile gamers are quiet as of now after HTC’s announcement that Desire can’t be fitted with Android Gingerbread...

HTC Incredible-S Smartphone Reviewed-Best For Mobile Casino Games

May 8, 2011

The HTC Incredible S Smartphone was created for online gamers to take full advantage of Android apps such as mobile casino games....

HTC Thunderbolt Running Android Helps Gamblers to Win Mega Millions

December 29, 2010

The Verizon Wireless HTC Thunderbolt is a 4G smartphone powered by Android, helping gamblers to play and win Mega Millions....