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Decline In Macau Market Deepens… Again

October 27, 2014

Macau is facing a combination of issues that have seen gambling revenues fall for the fourth month in a row compared with...

The week in pictures: October 14th – 20th, 2014

October 21, 2014

We take a look back at the gambling news covered by Blackjack Champ during October 14th - 20th, 2014....

Youthful Gamblers Call For Skill In Online Games But Probably Won’t Get It

October 11, 2014

With more than 80% of online gambling participants over 35 the calls for more skill in gambling games by younger players could...

Seven Best Blackjack Tables At Which To Play Out The Apocalypse

October 9, 2014

The news is full of doom and gloom so perhaps you should make plans for the apocalypse and we're here to help...

Will Protests Hurt Blackjack Profits Around The World?

October 7, 2014

We take a look a wry look at the effects the protests in Hong Kong are having on Macau's casinos and see...

Rolls-Royce Cars To Roll Back Retreat Of High Rollers

September 21, 2014

Stephen Hung buys $20 million worth of luxury cars to attract big gamblers to a casino that is still under construction....

New Casino Movie From Scorsese Will Be Short

September 9, 2014

Big names join Martin Scorsese to make short film to promote new casino and resort in Macau....

Showboat Sinks Torpedoed By Increased Competition

September 6, 2014

Another one bites the dust as the Showboat plays out one more hand of blackjack, loses, and closes its doors ending a...

Competition Between Blackjack Providing Casinos Down Under Heats Up

August 25, 2014

The two big players in the Australian gambling market are both making headway in their own way with one fighting back and...

Sex Themed Online Casino Games Here To Stay

August 20, 2014

Online casinos are developing more and more games that use sex as a basis for both gaining and retaining users....

Vegas Casinos Put Squeeze On Casual Blackjack Players

August 15, 2014

The recent rule changes in Blackjack payouts at two of the largest casinos on the Strip in Las Vegas may herald a...

Nations And Airlines Brace Themselves Against Dual Threat

August 14, 2014

We take a look at what the governments and airlines of the world are doing to prevent disease and war from discouraging...

Will International Gambling Travel Be Shot Down By Ebola?

August 14, 2014

With the threat from ever more dangerous war zones becoming evident just as the latest outbreak of Ebola hits the headlines will...

Is The Image Of Gambling Abroad Tainted By New Dangers?

August 14, 2014

The world is becoming increasingly dangerous with missiles systems in the hands of extremists and Ebola infecting people at ever greater rates....

Want to Make a Statement at the Blackjack Table? Consider What You Wear

August 4, 2014

What you wear to the casino tells people your approach to blackjack, for example whether you use card counting systems of basic...

Casino Gambling Trend has People Asking: is Baccarat Better than Blackjack?

August 2, 2014

Baccarat is overtaking the classic casino strategy game of blackjack to become the most popular. But is baccarat better than blackjack?...

Macau Set for Tentative Discussions about VIP Gaming Rooms During License Talks

April 30, 2014

VIP gaming rooms look to be introduced to Macau, however policy agreements must be reached during license renewal meeting....

Wynn Nets $214 million in Quarter

February 4, 2014

Macau makes repeated casino gambling news as Asian Las Vegas, Wynn and Sands make big profits there...

Playtech Joins Gaming Standards Association

February 3, 2014

As online and mobile casino gambling continues to rise, GSA adds igaming developer and provider Playtech...

Mobile Casino Games for Macau Say Dynam Japan

December 2, 2013

Macau to get Mobile Casino Games and Dynam Japan Wants to be the One to Provide Them...