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New York State Online Casino Proposal Supported by Governor Cuomo

February 8, 2012

The Governor of New York is fully behind plans to legalize gambling in the state, though warns it could take up to...

DOJ Set Up Payment Processor to Seize Online Poker + Casinos + Bookies

May 23, 2011

In the newest phase of the War on Online Gambling, Maryland Federal District froze numerous bank accounts and sized domains...

Maryland Politicians Begin to Support Legal Blackjack Card Games

March 17, 2011

Maryland lawmakers will begin debating a proposal to allow licensed slot casinos within the state to offer table games including blackjack......

Domino Theory is Proven as Maryland Debates Legalizing Blackjack

January 15, 2011

Maryland is the next state to begin debating the legalization of table style casino games like blackjack as State Senator Klausmeier introduces...

Washington D.C. May Try Blackjack to Cut the Deficit

December 10, 2010

Politicians tired of irritating voters by increasing taxes and parking fines are looking to blackjack and poker to produce badly required income....

Blackjack and Other Table Games Start to Bring Revenue in Delaware

December 2, 2010

Blackjack and other table games in Delaware casinos start to yield small profits, and overall revenues exceed expectations....

More Blackjack Coming to New Jersey

November 25, 2010

The New Jersey State Senate has passed two bills which will enable more blackjack within the state, both offline and online....

The State of Maryland Reconsiders Blackjack to Solve Economic Rut

November 19, 2010

Maryland is looking to blackjack card games and other forms of gambling to save its ailing economy....

Maryland Holds Out against Blackjack

October 7, 2010

A new constitutional amendment in the state of Maryland has legalized slot machines, but still denies Marylanders the right to play blackjack....

Maryland Opens State’s First Casino – Three Days Early

September 28, 2010

Penn National Gaming yesterday opened Maryland's first-ever casino, the Hollywood Casino Perryville, three days earlier than planned....