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Lotto Winner Picks up a EUR 588,144 Check in Dublin

February 16, 2014

Lucky lotto winner from Wexford collects his EUR 588,144 winning from the National Lottery headquarters in Dublin...

Fortunate Winner Gets GBP 5.7 Million Lotto Prize in the UK

February 13, 2014

Lucky winner in the UK grabs the outstanding GBP 5.7 million lotto prize from the National Lottery...

Lottery Winners Choose to Stay Home to Take Care of Sick Parents

February 1, 2014

Devoted daughter decides to stay home and take care of her sick parents after winning GBP 6 million from the National Lottery...

British Lotto Winner Finds Out About Her Luck Six Weeks Later

January 29, 2014

British woman realizes she and her syndicate won an amazing lotto jackpot more than a month after the actual draw...

Six Lotto Winners Picked the Same Numbers And Shared The Jackpot

January 24, 2014

Six different lotto players used similar pattern that looks like an upside-down L to pick the winning numbers last Saturday...

Winner Fails to Become Rich Due to Missed Claiming Deadline

January 23, 2014

Very unlucky lotto player misses their chance to become a millionaire after failing to claim their lotto prize in time...

Three Lottery Winners Have Not Claimed Lottery Winnings

January 21, 2014

Lottery winners have just days left to claim GBP 1m prizes....

Lotto Winner Might Say Goodbye to Their GBP 1 Million Win

January 21, 2014

Bristol EuroMillions lotto millionaire is running out of time to claim their GBP 1 million win...

Two Scottish Couples Won Big from the National Lottery

January 20, 2014

Two Scottish couples won identical GBP 585,956 prizes from the National Lottery in the beginning of 2014...

Mom and Son Win Fabulous GBP 7.5 million from National Lotto

January 14, 2014

Mom and her son from Middlesbrough, who are not yet revealed, win GBP 7.5 million from the National Lottery...

Man Spends Big on Scratchcards and Wins a Big Nothing

January 13, 2014

British man spends £80,000 on scratchcards and wins absolutely nothing!...

Man from Lowestoft Becomes the New Merry Millionaire

December 11, 2013

Jamie Grieve from Lowestoft has made the headlines of casino gambling news by winning GBP 1 million from a scratchcard...

Lottery Winner Has One More Month to Claim GBP 118,000 Prize

December 10, 2013

Casino gambling news spread the word: winner of GBP 118,000 Lottery prize has just under a month left to claim the money...

UK Punters Say Betting Better than Beer

November 10, 2013

Two Studies Shed Light on the Trends in the UK Gambling World and Reveal Interesting Figures...

Mobile Gambling Comes to Papua New Guinea

October 29, 2010

A new lottery company in Papua New Guinea called PNG Lotto started operating yesterday. It lets players participate in cash drawings using...