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Secondary School Students in Scotland Receive Lessons in Gambling

June 25, 2014

MSP McMillan and Gamblers Anonymous fight against gambling related issues in Scotland...

The 7 Most Common Types of Blackjack Players

April 10, 2014

Who will you find sitting at your blackjack table? Play Blackjack Player Roulette!...

Gambler Loses Case Against Centrebet

September 23, 2013

Norwegian Gambler Who Blamed Sportsbook for Losses Loses Court Case...

Large New Zealandese Bank Sued Over Casino Fraud

June 15, 2012

New Zealand bank based at a casino becomes a victim of multi-million dollar fraud....

March Madness Illegal Gambling Ruined One Man’s Life

March 28, 2012

An interview with an illegal gambler reveals the effects of March Madness...

Hospitality Director Kills Himself Over Gambling Fraud

March 27, 2012

Gambling theft leads to a suicide as federal investigators dig deeper....

Gambling Addicted Headteacher Nicks Fifty Three Grand from Kids

March 26, 2012

GBP 53,000 was stolen by a headteacher with a severe gambling problem...

A Woman Loses 230K Of Stolen Money Gambling Online

March 21, 2012

In the UK a woman steals GBP 230,000 then spends it on online gambling...

The Number of UK Women Gambling Online Rises

March 2, 2012

Statistics show that the number of women playing online has grown...

Sweden Gamblers to be Aided by Modern Technology

March 2, 2012

Swedish casino, bingo, and sports betting players given more options as gambling technology advances....

Tribal Casinos Help Problem Gamblers Win Big

February 17, 2012

Left and right, the Oklahomans are banning themselves from the native american casinos where too many problems are caused by those who...

Fraudster to Face Jail for Gambling Related Theft

February 6, 2012

For a compulsive British gambler nothing was sacred as he had to get money to keep on gambling to the maximum....

Casino Gambling Strategy Classes For Children in UK Gains Support

December 8, 2011

Casino online strategy classes for school children in UK gains support from Labour and Gamcare gambling support group....

Australian Anti-Gambling Forces Embrace Vietnamese Drug Dealer Study

September 30, 2011

In an effort to justify pokey machine reform, anti-gambling forces use a survey of Vietnamese drug dealers in Australian prisons....

Mobile Gambling Recovery iPhone App Helps Addicts Stop Using

April 4, 2011

An original mobile application for the iPhone, designed to assist recovering addicts stay clean is gaining widespread use...

Ukraine Wants to Limit Civil Rights of Problem Blackjack Players

March 31, 2011

Ukrainian MP presented a bill proposal to limit civil rights of problem gamblers within the framework of the Civil Code...

New Gambling Study Rates Casino Blackjack Least Addicting

March 15, 2011

A recent study of inpatient gambling rehab patients showed that less than 1% are being treated for blackjack addiction......

Swiss Docs Prove Blackjack Casino Gambling Best Cure for Cocaine Users

February 15, 2011

Top Swiss psychologists have discovered that gambling at a casino blackjack table will significantly lower drug addicts usage of cocaine and crack....

Australian Gambling Survey Considers Impact of Mobile Casinos

December 17, 2010

The widespread availability of mobile phones has prompted an investigation into the social impact of mobile gambling in Australia....

NSW Commissions New Study into Problem Mobile Gambling

December 7, 2010

The government of Australia’s New South Wales is commissioning a large investigation which will include the role of mobile phones in gambling...