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Poker playing John McCain caught during meeting

September 5, 2013

Syrian debate was too boring for Senator John McCain so he turned to iPhone poker...

Tribal Gaming Could Suffer if Intrastate Online Poker Gets its Way

February 20, 2012

Indian reservations could miss out on the online poker law overhaul, if the current laws are not amended....

New York State Online Casino Proposal Supported by Governor Cuomo

February 8, 2012

The Governor of New York is fully behind plans to legalize gambling in the state, though warns it could take up to...

Study Says Australians World Biggest Online, Mobile + Casino Gamblers

May 30, 2011

New study rates Australians as the biggest per capita gamblers spending over $1200 each year on casinos, pokies and sports betting....

Senate Committee Kills the Bill Legalizing Blackjack in Montana

April 21, 2011

Tony Belcourt’s bill potentially legalizing blackjack card games in Montana failed to pass the Senate Finance and Claims committee...

New Jersey on Verge of Legal Online Blackjack

January 11, 2011

New Jersey State lawmakers in both New Jersey Senate and New Jersey Assembly have finally agreed to permit internet blackjack for New...

More Blackjack Coming to New Jersey

November 25, 2010

The New Jersey State Senate has passed two bills which will enable more blackjack within the state, both offline and online....

The State of Maryland Reconsiders Blackjack to Solve Economic Rut

November 19, 2010

Maryland is looking to blackjack card games and other forms of gambling to save its ailing economy....

More Blackjack Casinos Moving Forward in Atlantic City, New Jersey

November 9, 2010

New legislation may make it lawful for smaller hotels in Atlantics City to offer blackjack and other casino games to their guests....

Maryland Holds Out against Blackjack

October 7, 2010

A new constitutional amendment in the state of Maryland has legalized slot machines, but still denies Marylanders the right to play blackjack....

Pennsylvania universities threatened by blackjack fiasco

December 21, 2009

The US state of Pennsylvania has been struggling in recent months trying to decide what to do with a proposal to legalize...

Foreign internet gambling firms invest big money lobbying for legal online gambling in the US

August 18, 2009

nited States law says that all companies that spend money lobbying for a particular cause must disclose the details of those expenditures....

UK online casino companies moving offshore – will it affect players?

August 14, 2009

In recent weeks, some of the biggest online gambling companies in the UK have made the decision to pick up shop and...

US players take note: with legalization may come heavy taxation

August 11, 2009

US Representative Barney Frank has been working for many months trying to change online gambling laws in the US. The current laws...

Canadian man caught laundering $350 million in US online casino payouts

August 7, 2009

While the US online gambling ban is currently being fought on several fronts, lawmakers are still taking it very seriously. The situation...

New US online gambling bill may speed up legalization process

July 23, 2009

A while back, US Representative Barney Frank introduced a bill that aims to overturn the UIGEA – an act passed in 2006...

US Trade Representative Ron Kirk is a light in the dark for online gamblers

March 11, 2009

US president Obama's choice for the role of Trade Representative is Ron Kirk, and he will take the role so long as...