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Nokia Gambling Ready For Symbian Belle Upgrades

December 9, 2011

Owners of older Symbian-running Nokias will soon be receiving Symbian Belle upgrades according to official sources...

Nokia 800 WP7 Mobile Gaming Smartphone Release Date Confirmed

November 12, 2011

Nokia confirms the release date of Lumia 800 in the United Kingdom as November 16...

Lumia 800 – First Nokia Smartphone Powered By Windows Phone 7

October 26, 2011

Nokia World Event is underway and has already introduced the first Windows Phone 7 Nokia – Lumia 800...

Wealthy Mobile Gamers Taunt Homeless at Vertu Constellation T Release

October 5, 2011

Finally mobile casino gambling will be available in style with the launch of the first Vertu touchscreen phone...

Android is Number One Choice for Mobile Gamers with 48% Market Share

August 3, 2011

According to latest figures Android is still the leading smartphone OS in the world with Apple firmly in second spot...

Nokia X7 and E6 Pre-Order Fires Up Symbian Mobile Casino Gamers

June 6, 2011

Nokia makes its latest smartphones X7 and E6 available for pre-orders in United Kingdom, this time naming official release date...

Nokia Win Phone 7 Production Ahead of Schedule Say Mobile Gamers

June 3, 2011

Mobile casino gamers happy with Nokia’s news on ahead of schedule development of Windows Phone powered devices...

Windows Phone 7 Must Use Steroids To Win Against Apple and Android

May 8, 2011

The latest reports suggest that Windows Phone 7 OS will overtake Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android by 2015...

Asians Find Mobile Casinos More Attractive Than Online Gambling

May 2, 2011

The mobile gambling market is expanding faster than ever with Asia leading the way in total numbers of new players....

US Mobile OS Triumvirate Angers Europe: Android, Apple and Windows 7

April 27, 2011

The rapid growth of Google’s Android mobile OS raised fears of Android-Apple-Microsoft “triumvirate” which is making European...

Nokia X7 Release Delighted Symbian Mobile Casinos and 3D Gaming Fans

April 13, 2011

Fans were pleasantly surprised when Nokia X7 Smartphone was unveiled in London with the Symbian X7 OS....

Windows and Android Mobile Casinos To Decimate All Rivals By 2015

March 30, 2011

Intriguing figures were forecasted in IDC’s latest report on smartphone market for 2015, predicting Android and Windows OS as leaders...

Nokia May Have Committed Suicide by Picking Microsoft-7 over Android

February 12, 2011

In an industry shocking announcement, Nokia stated that it has abandoned its Symbian OS, the most popular in world, in exchange for...