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Casino Room Offers Blackjack Galore

March 19, 2015

Casino Room offers players a good selection of slots and table games and offers decent incentives that can be accessed using their...

The Rival To Apple’s iOS That Is Not Exactly A Rival

September 10, 2014

We look at Android and its ongoing battle with Apple for control of your communications and your data....

Nokia Confirms the 41MP Sensor for the EOS Device

June 21, 2013

Nokia has officially confirmed the 41MP sensor for the much-anticipated EOS smartphone scheduled to be revealed soon....

Samsung to Host Premier 2013 Event on June 20

May 28, 2013

Samsung is preparing to host another Premiere event, where new Galaxy and Ativ devices will be showcases....

Nokia Rumored to Release a Phablet Device

April 20, 2013

The Windows Phone powered Nokias can be found in every smartphone segment, now it’s time for a phablet....

ComTrade Products Coming to an Online Casino Near You

April 11, 2013

Slovenian technology solution provider ComTrade gains access to wider markets....

Free Blackjack Teaching Windows App

March 7, 2013

Microgaming releases free app for to teach beginners how to play Blackjack while also offering an entertaining game to pros....

More American Carriers to Offer Nokia Lumia Smartphones

July 10, 2012

Major American wireless carriers Sprint and Verizon are about to offer Nokia Lumia to mobile gamers....

Nokia Plans to Include PureView Technology in their Lumia Smartphones

June 19, 2012

PureView technology is coming to Nokia Lumia smartphones to give mobile gamers another hobby....

Affordable Nokia Casino Gambling via Asha Touch Series

June 15, 2012

Despite venturing into the Windows mobile gambling arena, Nokia still creates gambling smartphones not based on Windows Phone....

Enormous Screen Size of HTC Eternity Spins Heads of Mobile Gamers

July 2, 2011

First HTC Eternity pictures have surfaced on the internet making Windows Phone 7 fans shiver in excitement...