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Mobile 3 Card Poker review

About 3 Card Poker

  • Bet Size: $1 – $200
  • Progressive Jackpot: No

3 Card Poker on Mobile

3-Card Mobile Poker, from Spin 3, is a mix of two separate games (Pair Plus and Ante Bet) which allows you even more ways to bet and win. You have the option to bet on either one of the two games individually or both at once. This is a game of strategy, with some luck involved, so if you make the correct decisions, the casino’s edge decreases and your chances of coming out of winner increase. The game has easy to use controls, a very well designed interface where player and dealer cards (as well as betting options) are all in front of you at all times. If you are a fan of mobile casino poker, this is one game you need to see for yourself to its potential.

The rules are simple. Before each game, one virtual deck of 52 cards is shuffled and dealt. Your goal is simple: to have a higher valued three card combination (according to poker hand-value rules) than the dealer. You have the regular betting options to ‘play and ante’ and the ‘pair plus. The dealer will only qualify to play with Queen high or better! An excellent game that you can finally play anywhere you want: at home or at the office!

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