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Crazy Camels mobile review

About Crazy Camels

  • Bet Size: £0.20 – £100
  • Progressive Jackpot: No

Crazy Camels on Mobile

Crazy Camels mobile racing, from Probability, is a fixed odds mobile casino game which brings the action and excitement of the camel racing track right to your mobile phone. For thousands of years, camel racing has been one of the top competitive sports in the Arab world. The religion of Islam even permits gambling on camel races, but only between participating riders.

Crazy Camels racing for your mobile phone is a perfect game for all you racing tract handicappers when it’s just not convenient to make the long trip to the tract or you need to get that magic back in your OTB picks. Each race posts individual odds on all the participating camels which changes for each new race.

In Crazy Camels mobile casino racing, there are a total of six camels at the starting line. Each camel has their own odds posted. You can bet on any single camel who you think will be the first to cross the finish line. You may also bet on winning combinations of the first two or first three camels that finish in front of the herd.

You can bet as little as 20 pence on each individual camel and a total of £100 on any individual race spread over ‘to win’, ‘forecast’ and ‘trifecta’ bets. Crazy Camels mobile casino game has wonderful cartoony graphics, cool animation sequences and a touch of realism. You can almost smell the camel right in your office, living-room or wherever you chose to play this fantastic mobile casino racing game!

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