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European mobile roulette review

About European Roulette

  • Bet Size: $0.10 – $100
  • Variation: European
  • Progressive Jackpot: No

European Roulette on Mobile

Mobile European Roulette, from InTouch Games, brings the excitement of the roulette table straight to your mobile phone. European Roulette, a game of royalty for generations, has only one ‘Green 0’, while American Roulette has ‘Green 0’ and ‘Green 00’. This makes European mobile roulette a better option for players, since the odds of hitting Red or Black improve.

The game itself is well designed, with an excellent graphic mobile phone interface that is easy to use. You can see numbers of the past spins, as well as how the ball falls into its slot after each spin. Players can make exactly the same cash bets as in the real version of European roulette, but from the comfort of their own home, work or a long car ride. You can bet inside on a long-shot number or outside on a variety of combinations that are offered.

Mobile European Roulette Payouts

    Inside Straight Bet on 1 Number – x36

  • Inside Bet Split on 2 Numbers – x18
  • Inside Bet on Full Street – x12
  • Inside Bet Split on 4 Numbers – x9
  • Inside Bet on Split Street – x6
  • Outside Bet Color or Odd/Even or Table Half– x2
  • Outside Bet Dozens or Columns – x3

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