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Lucky 21 mobile scratch card review

About Lucky 21

  • Bet Size: $0.50 – $10

Lucky 21 on Mobile

Lucky 21 mobile scratch card game, from NeoGames, is a variation of the traditional blackjack card game which can be found in practically every casino throughout the world. The game has sharp rich colors which match the felt of any traditional casino blackjack table.

All the details are perfect, including the random background noises that are floating around most casinos. Lucky21 Mobile is fast paced, and lots of fun. It’s nice to be able play it anywhere you want, at any time, at your own convenience.

Lucky21 is a bit different than traditional blackjack, since this version is a mobile scratch card. First of all, you are playing three hands at the same times for the same price. So you have three chances to win. Also, you can’t hit, hold, split or buy insurance.

After purchasing you Lucky21 scratch card, for anywhere from 50 cents to $10, you will instantly see your two cards face up for all three tables you are playing. Click the ‘Scratch’ button, and the dealers two cards will be revealed. If the value of the dealer’s two cards is lower than yours, you win. So, since you are playing three tables against the same dealer, you can win three times, if each set of cards beats the dealer’s!

The amount you win is written below each of the three tables you play. Prizes are multipliers from x1 – x10,000, so if you purchased a $10 card, and after following the above instructions, and you see ‘10,000’ below a table that beats the dealer’s hand, you’ve just won $10 x 10,000 = $100,000!

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