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Safecracker mobile slot review

About Safecracker slot

  • Reels: 3
  • Paylines: 1
  • Bet Size: $0.25 – $15
  • Progressive Jackpot: Yes

Safecracker slot on Mobile

Safecracker mobile slot, from Playtech Mobile, is a 3 reel, single payline casino mobile slot where you step into the shoes of a professional burglar to rob the rich and give to yourself. The game is fun and exciting despite the 1 payline. The deficiency in the paylines is overcompensated with a tsunami of high value winning combos. This game is a true winner, where you can win a million dollars while resting on the toilet at your place of work.

The game has a lot of bonuses, scatters, free-spins and multipliers. There are fun second screen mini-games where you get to choose a safety deposit box to crack open to see your prize. However, that is chump change compared to the multitude of mobile jackpots that are floating around. Always make sure that you are betting 3 coins per spin, or you may be crying a river if the $100,000+ Progressive Jackpot hits and you only bet the 2 coins out of stinginess.

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