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Mobile Scratch Card review

About Scratch Card

  • Bet Size: $0.25 – $100
  • Progressive Jackpot: No

Scratch Card on Mobile

Mobile Scratch Card, from Spin 3, are identical to the lotto scratch cards found at your local news, cigarette and lotto shops and kiosks. The game is extremely simple and very convenient; there is no need to walk to the shop to purchase these cards, as they virtually appear on your mobile smartphone. There are six boxes, which you have to ‘un-scratch’, and six cash prizes. If three out of the six boxes contain matching symbols, you win the multiplier within!

For all practical purposes this scratch card is identical to a lotto ticket. The simplicity and lightning fast action is what makes this game a lot of fun. You place your bet, you scratch the card, and you win. The symbols are multipliers in the range of x1 through x100; so if you bet $10, you can win $1000 if the x100 appears three times on your game card. Best of all, you can play in the comfort of your office, home or on vacation at your own convenience.

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