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Scratch ‘n Score mobile review

About Scratch 'n Score

  • Bet Size: $0.25 – $100
  • Progressive Jackpot: No

Scratch 'n Score on Mobile

Scratch ‘n Score mobile scratch card, from Spin 3, is a European football themed digital scratch card identical to those sold at lotto, news and cigarette shops throughout the world. After you purchase a mobile scratch card, you virtually ‘scratch’ six covered boxes. Behind the boxes, you will find different items related to the game of football. If you are able to find three identical items hidden behind the boxes, you win a multiplier associated with that item. Thus, if after you scratch six boxes, and find three image of a trophy, your initial will bet multiplied by 50.

The user interface is very simple and functional and the cards are easy to ‘virtually scratch’. The Scratch ‘n Score mobile scratch cards have a win limit of $1,000 each. The great part of the game is that there is no need to walk to a shop to purchase a new card. With a click of a button, a new scratch card will appear inside your mobile smartphone. Overall this will become a popular game which is bound to protect thousands of trees that are currently used to create paper scratch cards!

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