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Zodiac mobile scratch card review

About Zodiac Scratch Card

  • Bet Size: $0.50 – $10

Zodiac Scratch on Mobile

Zodiac mobile scratch card game, from NeoGames, is an original and a very fun way to make serious money. I’ve never seen anything close to it, but if you are a fan of astrology, luck, fortune and the zodiac then this game is perfect for you.

First, you must purchase a virtual scratch card, which costs anywhere between $0.50 and $10. The scratch card’s background is a blur of groovy colors with a ‘trippy psychedelic vibe.’ Three large golden stars, as well as a label below each, are at first covered with a silver filament. The three stars are floating next to the edge of a yellowish-orange object that sort of looks like a quarter of a circle.

Click on either the ‘Scratch’ or the ‘Scratch All’ tabs. First, the yellow-orange object will reveal one of the twelve Zodiac symbols. Your job is to match that symbol to any of the three Zodiac symbols hidden under the silver filament in the three stars. Since there are three stars, you have three chances to win!

If one, two or three Zodiac symbols in the middle of the golden stars match the Zodiac symbol on the yellowish-orange quarter-circle; you win the prize or prizes on the label below each star. Prizes are multipliers from x1 – x10,000.

If you purchased a $10 card and you see ‘10,000’ below one of the golden stars whose Zodiac symbol matches the one on the yellow-orange quarter-circle, then you’ve just won $10 x 10,000 = $100,000!

Trust me; it’s very simple. Play a practice game or two, and you will see how much fun this mobile scratch card game really is! I always play it on the way back from work, and so far I’ve been ultra-lucky!

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