Studies have shown that the Android mobile operating system is slowly taking over the mobile phone industry, and that as many as half of all mobile smartphones are Android phones. As the popularity and availability of Android phones increases, so does the number of Android apps that have been designed to run on those phones.

Most of these apps are available at the official Android Marketplace, but one category of apps can’t be found there: real money gambling apps. Google has taken a strong stance against Android mobile gambling, and they simply don’t allow it.

Fortunately, there are a few Android casinos where gamblers can find real money casino games that will work on their Android phones. Players just sign up, download the games they want, deposit a few dollars, and start playing!

Android mobile casinos work wherever players get mobile phone service, making them very portable and flexible. Plus, most Android casino games support touch screens, so players with multi-touch phones can make full use of their hardware while they gamble.

From Android slots to Android blackjack, there is a huge variety of real money casino games available to choose from. Use these pages to find the right game for you, then sign up and start winning right away!