The Best Blackjack Promotions in June 2024 -

Promotions and bonuses from online casinos are probably the greatest advantage that these online entities have over the traditional bricks and mortar casinos. You’ve probably noticed that whenever you enter a casino in Las Vegas, the management are not running up to you with fistfuls of cash for you to spend freely. But online it’s another story. Every online casino that’s offering blackjack, whether playing against a computer or a live dealer, is fighting to get new customers. Bonuses and promotions have the duty of attracting your attention and at the same time they are used to keep existing players playing. Though the casinos make it sound like free money, there are always going to be a number of hoops that you have to jump through in order to qualify. Sometimes they insist on impossible wagering requirements and at other times the withdrawal requirements are also impossible to fulfill. To that end it’s very important to read through T&C’s and/or all the small print before signing up and depositing your money.

There seems to be a lot of confusion with regards to online casino bonuses and promotions. So we at Blackjack Champ decided to make a number of guides in order to clarify the situation. We want to ensure that all players find the best online blackjack promotions. Let us hold your hand as we transverse the difficult terrain of choosing the latest online casino blackjack bonuses.

When you first enter the world of internet blackjack web sites, you’ll be bombarded with offers. There are essentially four main types of bonus or promotion:


This is the same as the “first deposit” bonus, a sign-up bonus or a welcome bonus. To receive it, you’ll first need to sign up to the casino and open a real money account.


As the title suggest, this bonus is just for the likes of high rollers. These guys and gals like to spend big at the casino. These high roller bonuses can reach eye watering heights, but they’re not really dense for us mere morals.


Again, this is a gift when you first register at a new casino. Just as is made clear in the title, there’s no deposit necessary in order to begin playing.


This is a freebie that’s beneficial to both the new customer and the casino itself. With this bonus the player normally gets a certain number of bets to use within a limited time frame. Typically, the punter will have an hour to explore the casino and can bet freely without having to make a deposit first.


And the final method to obtain a bonus is to recommend a friend to a casino. Once they register and make their first deposit, then the both of you can enjoy a welcome bonus. Not all casinos are this generous, so you might need to shop around to find this type of offer. Commonly, the refer a friend bonus is worth £50 for each friend. There is often a limit of $1,000 as the sum available per player who’s doing the recommending. Brands supported by Playtech will give you $50 for every friend you bring into the online casino. Unibet Casino will give you $20 per friend and you can refer up to 5 friends.


What Are Casino Bonuses?

This is a free casino credit which is given out as an incentive or in order to attract a new customer. There are any number of different types of casino bonuses, with some needing you to open an account and make a deposit. Others are deposit free. On the whole the purpose of the bonus is to encourage you to play for longer in the hope that by enjoying your experience, you’ll be happy to return.

How Do Casino Bonuses Work?

This all depends on the actual site you’re playing on. On the whole, a welcome bonus will need you to sign up and make a minimum deposit into your new account. Sometimes, you’ll receive a bonus code to use along with your personal details when you go through the sign up process. Obviously you can’t simply withdraw your bonus once you receive it, as that would be very cheeky and there’s no way the casino would allow such behavior. On a related point, some casino will not let you cash out any winnings that came from the bonus. There are what are known as “sticky” and “non-sticky” bonuses meaning that with the former they are solely for making wagers and with the latter, you can withdraw your winnings.

Just What Are Wagering Requirements?

These are essentially a set of rules that dictate how you should play either your bonus or your bonus plus your first deposit. generally speaking, the higher the offered bonus, then the higher the wagering requirements. These can range between 15 x Bonus (or Bonus + Deposit) or up to 40 x Bonus (or Bonus + deposit). Lets look at an example. If the wagering requirement is 30 x Bonus and Deposit, and the bonus is 100% of up to $100 free, then you must start to play with $200 in your casino account. So it follows that: $200 x 30 = $6000. Therefore, you’ll be needing to play through a minimum of $6,000 worth of bets before you meet the wagering requirements. Only then will you be able to cash out. So…read the small print. Look through the site and you’ll find the Wagering Playthrough Requirements, normally within the Terms and Conditions. Make sure you understand exactly what is on offer, as opposed to just jumping in because the numbers look generous.

Where To Find The Best Online Blackjack Bonuses And Promotions?

Well, that’s the job of sites like Blackjack Champ. We do all the heavy lifting and whittle down all the sites till we have distilled only the most reliable, trustworthy and secure. In order to find the best online blackjack signup offers, we have signed up to every casino offering great bonuses and played through the wagering requirements to see how things really work. And yes, there are some shady sites out there. Our job is to make sure that you don’t have to suffer the consequences of inadvertently joining one.

What Things Should We Pay Attention To First?

On the whole the actual gaming experience on all the top sites is going to be pretty similar. But the main point you should be focusing on are the wagering requirements. Some casinos are offering bonuses where the wagering requirements are virtually impossible to fulfill. Imaging spending all that time, effort and money, only to be denied a cash out at the end? The whole the wagering requirement should be at worse, no more than 40 x the bonus. The percentage of match stipulated can be consuming. Is 100% up to $100 better or worse than 200% up to $100? The higher the matching bonus, then the more generous it will be for you and the longer you’ll be able to play. Check and see if the bonuses are sticky or non-sticky as this’ll have a huge effect at the end of a round or game. You’re looking to play blackjack, so check that these bonuses are actually for blackjack. Some casinos only offer bonuses and promotions on other table games. If you consider that the house edge on blackjack is very low, then this is not really surprising.

What Are Casino Bonus Codes?

This is a special code that you’ll need to enter into a special box on the sign up page. It proves that you are a new customer as it can only be used once. Most bonuses will have a code attached to them. As we mentioned earlier, before you use a special bonus code, please be absolutely sure that you understand and accept the terms and conditions attached to it. Also you must fulfill the casino’s wagering requirements in order to redeem the bonus and receive a cash out. If you don’t follow all the conditions attached to the bonus, then there’s always the chance that you could lose both the bonus and any winnings that came from them.

Are Casino Bonuses Good Value?

If you really think it through, you’ll realize that the casino bonus is there for the benefit of the casino primarily. The idea behind these is to attract more players and they in turn spend more money at the casino. The best bonus for learning about the game of blackjack without putting down any real money must be the no deposit bonus. You get to play in the casino environment and evaluate the game. If you don’t care for the wagering requirements, then you can simply close the site and look for another. We suggest that you look for sites with a reasonable wagering requirement, then you are getting more bonus for your buck. It’s the same story when it comes to choosing the best live dealer blackjack casino bonuses. Just because you’ll be playing with an attractive dealer, don’t let your brain go to mush! Carefully go through the Terms and Conditions first and then place your deposit with the casino that fulfills all your requirements, especially when it come to pay outs. Remember, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of cashing out your winnings.