Read our review to find out where to play European Blackjack online. Learn the most important rules of the game and find out how to beat the dealer and grow rich. Check out the differences between American and European style Blackjack, and when you’re done with that, you can already start your newly gathered knowledge in practice by joining the best online casinos to play European Blackjack. Are you ready? Keep on reading and start playing right after!

Learning the Basics – What is European Blackjack?

European style blackjack is basically one of the standard blackjack games. However, obviously, there are certain European Blackjack rules that differ from the average blackjack games. Let’s go through the basics. Most importantly, when you play European Blackjack, your opponent is the dealer. Your goal is to get 21, the numbers are worth their value, while figures from 10 to Ace are worth 10 each. Except for the Ace, which can either be 1 or 11. You can play European Blackjack from 2 to 8 decks. You get two cards. The dealer gets one, which is facing upwards, so that you can see. Then you can play before the dealer gets the second card. This way, you have time to analyze the situation and decide how you plan to proceed with the game.

Notice the difference Between American and European Blackjack

Now that you finally got familiar with the basic European blackjack rules, it might be about time that you learn about European blackjack vs American blackjack differences. First, and most importantly, you need to understand that these differences are not so easily notable, but considering them can put your European Blackjack basic strategy to a whole new level. The most important difference is the hole card. While in American blackjack the deal gets 2 cards instantly, in European, it’s only one. You can see the hole card, it’s facing upwards. According to European Blackjack rules, the dealer only gets the second card after you played. That’s the most important thing that you must know about the difference between European vs American blackjack.

Learn to Win – What is the Best European Blackjack Strategy?

When coming up with your perfect European Blackjack basic strategy, there are many aspects you need to consider first. As you learned from the basic rules of the card game, you will always know the first card of the dealer. You will see the hole card. Based on that, you can apply your European Blackjack winning strategy. Does the dealer have a 10 or an Ace? Then maybe you better stay away from wagering all your money in an instant. However, the dealer’s card can also boost your confidence and make you double down. After all, it’s up to the choices that you make. You might also want to search for European Blackjack charts. Those can teach you when to do what in order to maximize your winning odds. Speaking of which, let’s learn more about the house edge!

European Blackjack House Edge – Can You Beat the House?

Gamblers usually love this form of blackjack card game, even online. Why, you ask? Well, partially, because it’s fun. Partially because you can win huge amounts of money if you play your cards right. And partially because of the European Blackjack house edge. Under European blackjack rules, the house edge is below 0.62%. It is one of the lowest house edges among all blackjack types. No wonder why so many players enjoy this game. Speaking of European vs American blackjack, please note that the house edge is slightly higher for the European style Blackjack.  So, your European Blackjack odds are pretty good, winning money is not a mission impossible. Are you ready to try it? Let us show where and how!

Where to Play – Find the Best Casinos to Play European Blackjack Online

When the question becomes “where to play European Blackjack”, the answer must instantly become “online at the best casino sites”. Period. No need to elaborate on that. Except for suggestions on how to pick such sites. For example, you can read our review about the best online blackjack casinos. The ones you find there are definitely the best picks. We only have trustworthy, reliable, and experienced partners. Even European Blackjack free play is available at some of these. If you’re looking for the online casino site with the largest table games selection online, we recommend you to sign up for a new account at 1xBET Casino. Bonuses, promotions, and blackjack games. Whatever else you’d need, you’ll find that, and more!

European Blackjack Variations – Gold Series

The Gold series of European Blackjack is one of the best blackjack card game types. Gamblers just love the Gold series by Microgaming. If you want to play the popular online blackjack slot, you might want to open an account at Bet365 Casino. Of course, the game is available at other sites as well. If you dislike what you read in our bet365 Casino review, you might want to consider joining King Billy Casino instead. They have even better online blackjack types available. You can play each and all of those games in an instant. Just register, make a deposit, and you can already start winning at the virtual tables. Even on the Gold series!