The Blackjack Hall of Fame began in 2002 when 21 legendary blackjack players, authors and luminaries were selected for potential nomination. Only seven would be inducted.

For the first month, voting was open to everyone through an online poll, but the final decision was made by elite professional players whose insider experience helped them to pick the most worthy candidates. Interestingly the winners chosen by the judges were very similar to the finalists picked out through the online poll.

Two new people were inducted to the Black Jack Hall of Fame for the next two years, but then after that the number was dropped to just one new Blackjack Hall of Fame member per year.

The actual Blackjack Hall of Fame is hosted at the Barona Casino in Lakeside, California, and hosts high-stakes televised tournaments featuring Hall of Fame members. Artifacts include plaques with portraits and biographies dedicated to these Blackjack Champs.

The most interesting exhibit shows off cheating devices that members used over the years. Hidden cameras, shoes with built-in computers, trick cards and other ingenious toys that have all pushed the limits of perfecting the game of blackjack.

Anyone who enjoys playing blackjack, whether online or at the casinos, might find it interesting to learn more about these Blackjack Hall of Fame members. While they might not be household names, all of them have changed the game of blackjack forever.