Today you just need to fire up your mobile phone, or tablet, and within a couple of minutes, you’ll be happily playing your favorite game online. Playing on your portable device allows for almost the same experience as sitting in an actual casino. OK…it’s true that you can’t go into the casino in your bathrobe or pajamas, but apart from differences in physical location, there’s not much to choose between them, more especially with the advent of streaming live dealer blackjack games.

The Best Mobile Blackjack Game and App Reviews and Ratings

In order to play the best mobile blackjack games, you’ll first be needing to download an app. For this, simply visit almost any online blackjack casino and navigate through to the apps. Once installed, you need to create and account, confirm your email address, and then you can start to play. It should be pointed out that more and more casinos are using the actual mobile platform itself, meaning that there’s nothing to download and install. This offers exactly the same functionality as an app.

Mobile Blackjack Game Applications

If you visit any of the app stores, whether for IOS or Android, then you’ll find a huge number of free play blackjack apps. Though they advertise themselves as free, in terms of simulating a casino environment, they tend to fail pretty badly. The bottom line is that most online casinos are a part of a huge business, a business that can afford to offer the best gaming experience. We recommend that you try real casino mobile blackjack game applications if you just want to have some fun and play for free. With most casino free games, you can play for as long as you wish, and all without having to spent a single cent. By the way, this is a great way of improving your game play as well as learning about the ins and outs of the best blackjack strategies.

The Most Popular Blackjack Variants Found at Most Mobile Casinos

  • Vegas Strip Blackjack – Las Vegas rules Blackjack where you can double down with two cards and after a split, but also split up to three times, except when you have two aces. Other rules also apply.
  • European Blackjack – A four deck variant with 3:2 payouts and insurance.
  • Atlantic City Blackjack – Similarly to Vegas Strip Blackjack, you can double down on all two cards and after a split, with minor differences in rules.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack – Dealer’s two cards are face up and you lose money on a tie. Blackjack pays even.
  • Perfect Blackjack – When you have two cards of the same suit and value, you win on 30 to 1 odds.
  • Blackjack Switch – Some would consider this as cheating. You can split your hand into several hands, and you can switch your cards.
  • Blackjack Touch – A proprietary single deck Blackjack version that’s optimized for quick play on phones and comes with insurance.
  • Blackjack Switch – Multi-hand variant where you can switch the second card among your hands. However, it pays even for a Blackjack.

Mobile Blackjack Tips

As there’s very little difference between playing in the casino or on your phone, the same gaming principles apply. After the installation of any app, please see how it performs on your device. Some play better than others and there’s nothing quite as frustrating as having the game you’re playing get laggy. So do make sure that both app and phone are compatible. Another point is to always check the rules before you start to play. There are any number of blackjack versions that it’s easy to start to play one which you either don’t know or am unsure of the game play.

In order to improve your blackjack skills, it’s important to be able to focus on just a few variations of the game. Learn discipline with regards to your bankroll and betting habits. Learning good money management is one of the most important aspects of have a fun yet productive time gambling.

Mobile Blackjack Strategy

Because blackjack is not a game of chance or luck, then you need to study some strategy and pick up some skills. More especially if you have any intention of making any money with the game. Blackjack strategy is just math. Plain and simple. If you didn’t pay attention in the school classroom, then you’ll have some catching up to do. Remember that it is of no consequence with what app or in what casino you play, the fundamentals of blackjack are always the same. Rather like muscle memory to the martial artist, you’ll need to be so proficient to the point that your strategy become natural and you can play without really thinking or hesitation. For example, if you have a single deck game and you have a hard 9 vs the dealer’s 8, you mustn’t be thinking about how hot the table is or the money you won on the last round. You should just hit without conscious thought.

Types of Mobile Blackjack

The majority of smartphones are either running IOS or Android, so it follows that most casinos are catering to these two platforms. But don’t worry if you’re running another operating system, there are any number of casinos that will cover all phones and devices.

Mobile Blackjack Apps for Android

If you’re an android user then you can now find as many blackjack varieties as there are for IOS. You only have to look around to see the sheer numbers of Android phones and devices in use and it’s already abundantly clear casinos are going to be catering for them. Many online casinos will offer three different types of app: one for sporting bets, another for slots and finally one for table games. This latter one is what you’re after. Mobile blackjack apps for Android are game specific, meaning the blackjack app is designed to give the best and fastest blackjack gaming experience. They offer the best user game play whilst maintaining the slickest design.

Mobile Blackjack Apps for IOS

If you’re an Apple fanboy, we strongly suggest playing blackjack on the iPad. It’s not that the iPhone is worse, just that the smaller screen area will certainly effect the look of the game. The iPad is easy to navigate and certainly more user friendly. The full screen functionality with it’s massive footprint really bring the game to life, especially if you’re playing a live dealer game. You can see the finest detail and it’s a more immersive experience. If you only have you iPhone, then no worries. The only difference between the devices is the screen size. Everything else will work exactly the same. Whether you go to the Apple Store or any casino site, you’ll find plenty of mobile blackjack apps for IOS.

You’ll find that whatever platform you choose, all the available casino apps are optimized across all devices.