5-minute Casino Slots Guide

In this 5-minute Casino Slots Guide, we discuss everything that you need to know about the most popular online casino game. Slots are the most popular games to play, both at land-based casinos and at online gambling sites. Keep reading to learn more about the game and how you can learn all of the rules in less than five minutes.

An Introduction to our 5-minute Guide to Casino Slots

Slots are one of the most popular forms of gambling in real life casinos. Casinos will have more slot machines than any other games, including classics such as roulette, blackjack, poker and other games.

With online casinos, slots also are one of the most popular games, and most of the games in online casinos will be slots. These are developed by some of the biggest names in the gambling industry, but there are also many games that are developed by smaller independent companies who want to try and experiment with some new types of slots.

How To Play Slots

Slots are quite straightforward to play and do not require any special skills such as counting or bluffing. To play, gamers only need to place a stake and then spin the reels. If the reels land a winning combination, then the winnings are paid out. Playing slots is pretty straightforward, once a gamer plays on one game then they will have a good idea of how slots work and can freely try out other games and find out which slots appeal to them the most.

Slots consist of vertical strips of symbols, which rotate once a spin is initiated. The symbols also form rows, and once the reels stop spinning, paths can be made out between matching symbols across the reels. If a spin lands and it contains one of the paylines, that is a winning line combination of symbols, then this is paid out after the spin. Some slots may have more paylines than others, and depending on how many reels and rows there are, there may be more paylines but this needs to be checked in the instructions of each individual game.

5-minute Casino Slots Guide
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Slots can come in many forms, ranging from the classic 3 reel 3 row structure to some reels that come in 5 reels and 3 rows, and some that have their own unique format. The classic slots which come in 3 by 3 usually have between 5 and 9 paylines.

The format of a game may be important to some gamers, as they would feel more comfortable playing with 5 reels, where there are more possible winning combinations, but some gamers may feel more confident when playing on slots with less reels as they may find it easier to pick up which combinations win.

Types of Slots

There are many different forms of slots, but these can be categorised to Classic Slots, Video Slots, Arcade Slots and Progressive Slots.


Classic slots can be recognised as they usually only contain 3 reels and a maximum of 9 paylines. These games are usually much simpler and easier to pick up than the other forms of slots and therefore can appeal to gamers who just want to spin some reals and do not want to play an overcomplicated game that has many additional side games or features.


Video slots are a hugely popular form of slots where the classic game is upgraded with additional special icons, side games and many more bonus features. These games are designed for gamers who want to try a game that takes more than a few spins to understand.

Once a gamer has unlocked any bonus feature or side game, they will be able to fully immerse themselves in video slots. Side games come in many different forms, varying from game to game, but these can include extra jackpot spins, picking games where the gamer has to pick cards or boxes to receive an extra prize, bonus spins or many more options.

5-minute Casino Slots Guide
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These games can be enjoyed by the seasoned gambler or they can be picked up by newcomers who want to try some exciting slot games. They may be more complicated than the classic slots but they can also be picked up relatively quickly.


Arcade slots take on a new approach to slots. Here, gamers will not be trying to spin to pull out a line of symbols, but they will be looking for clusters of symbols in one place instead. Gamers who enjoyed Candy Crush may notice the similarities, as here there may be more reels and rows, with a lot of games consisting of 9 rows and 9 reels. This may be more entertaining for gamers who want to try to play an alternative game to the traditional slots.


Progressive slots are not specifically a format of slots, these can come in the classic slots, video slots or arcade slots format. Progressives are online slots where a small percentage is taken out of the gamers stake, and all other players, and is put into a jackpot. The jackpot grows with each spin, with some reaching over $1 million, and these can be won by any gamer playing the game.

There is usually a side game that can be won if the player has landed a combination of special symbols, and then they may have a side game, where they have to pick out a hidden reward, or they may have a game where they need to spin more.

If the player hits the jackpot, they have the chance to take the whole pot, meaning they can potentially win some life changing amounts of money. Once a pot is won in progressive slots, the pot is reset to the minimum stake which it started at, and will start growing again with each spin that players make.

The Bottom Line

To conclude our 5-minute Casino Slots guide, we hope that you are now familiar with the rules of the game. You can instantly start playing casino slots at one of the best online blackjack casinos on the internet by following the link. Alternatively, simply click here to sign-up at Bizzo Casino and start playing slots today.

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