Mobile casino gambling is big and getting bigger, but one game that has been slow to catch on is poker. This is most likely because multiplayer poker games take time to finish, and require deep concentration to come out ahead. This goes against the whole idea of mobile gambling, which should be about fast, fun, and easy games that can be played while on the move.

The solution is to play Android casino poker games that are single player. These are kind of a mix between casino poker and video poker. The games look like real casino poker games, but the gameplay is fast paced and simple.

Android mobile casino poker games start with the deal. If the game is using Stud rules, then the player’s hand is compared to the dealer’s and they are paid right away. If it’s a Draw game, then players can switch out some of their cards to try getting a better hand.

Since Android casino poker apps are played one hand at a time, it’s easy to squeeze in a few hands while waiting for a bus, or during your coffee break at work. The games make the most of your phone’s technology, and most Android casinos are even compatible with touch screens.

Android Casino Poker Apps

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