Casino poker games are a little different than the poker games that friends get together to play on a Friday night. They are single player games that draw inspiration from traditional poker, but offer fast-paced gameplay and big money payouts.

Blackberry casino poker games are perfect poker style fun on the run. The goal in mobile casino poker is to get the highest hand possible. The higher your hand, the bigger your prize. The games are played in three phases. First comes the deal, when the player gets five cards. Next comes the draw, which lets player pick cards they don’t want, and switch them out for new ones. Last but not least, the player’s hand is analyzed, and their winnings are paid out!

Because Blackberry casino poker games only last a few seconds each, they’re great for playing on a mobile phone. Wherever you happen to be, if you have a few minutes to spare, just pull out your Blackberry and play a few rounds – you never know how much you’ll win!

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