The Apple iPad is a curious device. It’s not quite a mobile phone, but it uses the same software as the iPhone. Yet it’s not quite a tablet, since it can’t do all the things a proper tablet PC can do. Some would call it a fancy toy, but whatever it is, it’s the perfect tool for mobile casino gambling.

Gambling on an iPad is great for several reasons. First is portability. Usually, a player has to sit at a desk to enjoy online casino games like slots or blackjack. But with iPad casinos, players can kick back on the sofa, relax in the grass outside, or even sit on the beach and enjoy their favorite casino games.

Another reason iPad mobile gambling is so unique is that the iPad has a bright, crisp display that renders casino games very well. The games are designed to fill the iPad’s screen, making most of the space that is available. iPad slots look especially good, while blackjack and poker games bring a surprising amount of realism to the table.

Best of all, iPad gambling apps are controlled using the large touch screen. This lets players do away with cumbersome mouse and keyboard combo that usually goes along with online gambling. Instead, players just relax and let their fingers dance across the screen while they win real money!