Arcade games for the Apple iPad come in all shapes and sizes. Users can visit the Apple Apps Store and find racing games, shooting games, platform games, and lots of other kinds of arcade titles that can be downloaded and played on an iPad. But there is a special category of iPad casino games that offer a little something extra – cash prizes.

The iPad arcade games offered by top iPad casinos can be played for real money, and they offer real money jackpots for winners. There is not a big selection of these game, but they are becoming more popular.

Like other mobile arcade games, these iPad arcade gambling games make full use of the iPad’s advanced technology. The games fill the screen offering blazing color graphics in high resolution. They are controlled using the iPad’s touch screen, and are usually very easy to pick up and learn to play.

Look at the list below to see what sorts of real money iPad arcade apps are available right now. These iPad games can be played just for fun or with real money, so they truly offer the best of both worlds!