Proper poker is a great game of recognized by the more civilized countries throughout the world is a game of skill, thus not considered gambling. Successful poker players are fearless, have an innate ability to judge any situation to come up with a usually successful strategy to beat a lesser skilled opponent.

Symbian poker is the only mobile casino game where the player does not play against the house. The casino takes a small percentage out of every pot which is called ‘the rake’. Symbian poker is basically heads-up poker, where you play against another real live human opponent and not a mobile casino controlled simulation.

This mobile poker game was created specifically for Nokia and will look amazing with realistic colors as well as easy to use controls. To play Symbian poker, just pick an opponent from a list or ask a friend to join and you will begin a one-on-one poker game in a private virtual room directly on your Nokia smartphone.

The best part about Symbian poker is the freedom to play these quick heads-up games against human players just like you wherever you want at your own convenience. So if you are on a 15 minute break, you can quickly log in, play 20 hands, and log out maybe with a few hundred dollars in profit.

Listed below is the most comprehensive collection of every Symbian poker app availble as of now for your Nokia Smartphone. It’s fast and simple to sign up, and in just a couple of minutes you could be playing poker for real money against a live human opponent at your own convenience.