Bingo has been always primarily known as a social event where there is a chance to win some money. At first glance, the strong social aspect of traditional bingo seems incompatible with the mobile Nokia bingo concept. In fact, is seems like an almost impossible hurdle to overcome.

The Nokia bingo software developers solved this issue. They were the ones who installed an easy to use chat tool within the Nokia apps. Bingo enthusiasts can become acquainted with a whole new circle of friends, some from the opposite end of the world. The chat is run by the Nokia casino moderator who frequently asks trivia questions with real money prizes for the first correct answer.

The Advantages of Symbian Nokia Bingo

Symbian bingo for Nokia smartphones has other advantages. Many disfranchised bingo players who can no longer stand the drama of their local bingo hall are looking for new places to play and the Nokia bingo app is the perfect solution.

Also unlike traditional bingo, where it takes a long tme for all the numbers to hear, Symbian bingo is instantaneous. In addition, there is no need for re-checking or a dispute. There is both a 90 ball and an 80 ball version of bingo available. Furthermore, there is a break of 5 minutes between each game.

Traditional Version vs Symbian Nokia Apps for Bingo

Unlike the tradition version, you can play Symbian bingo wherever you choose at you own convenience. There is no longer a need to depend on other people’s schedules. You can even play a few games of bingo while waiting at the supermarket checkout line, the decision is entirely your.

Below you can see the most complete collection of all live money Nokia bingo apps currently available for your Nokia smartphone. Signing up for a mobile casino is a fast and simple process. Within less than five minutes, you should be able to practice on a few games for free. Then you can begin playing live money bingo while chatting with you new friends about life.

Nokia Bingo Games

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