Despite the phenomenal rate of expansion of the mobile casino gambling industry the one game which revolutionized online gambling and made its top players quasi-celebrities has so far been unable to gain traction with players at mobile casinos. The most likely reason is the relatively short duration of the smartphone battery.

As soon as a mobile battery is created that’s capable of sustaining a 12 hour charge in a graphic intense environment, like a live poker table, live mobile poker cash games and mobile poker tournaments will become more popular. However the whole point of a mobile phone is its use while the owner is on the move and poker games and tournaments require a time commitment of multiple hours.

In a nutshell, Nokia mobile casino poker games are closer to Nokia video poker than to the traditional table game. The Draw game in fact is 99% similar to video poker. The player is alone and plays only against the house. There are neither checks nor raises, since computer opponents are unable to bluff.

The Nokia casino poker games are fast and a lot of fun. In the Stud version both the player and the dealer are dealt all 7 cards at once facing up. After the last cars the hands are compared and the winner is declared based on the hand value.

Symbian mobile casino poker games start with the deal. If the game is using Stud rules, then the player’s hand is compared to the dealer’s and they are paid right away. If it’s a Draw game, then players can switch out some of their cards to try getting a better hand.

Below you will find the most comprehensive list of every live cash Nokia casino poker app currently available for you Nokia smartphone. Signing for any of our highly respected Nokia casinos is quick and easy. In just a few minutes you could be playing a live money casino style poker game from any location you want right on your Symbian smartphone.