The mobile casino industry is expanding at never before seen rates, breaking the forecasts of even the most optimistic analysts. New members of Nokia casinos only have a vague understanding the wide range of reward levels that different mobile casino games provide.

For example, it is impossible to win a million dollars on a single spin of the wheel in Nokia roulette. However it is very possible to win a million dollars and more with the S60 apps that have Nokia jackpots attached to them.

Mobile jackpots are a diverse group of mobile games which offer supersized rewards called Progressive Jackpots. Since the same mobile game can be found at multiple mobile casinos, the game becomes interlinked between all the mobile casinos which carry it.

A small fraction of every losing bet is retained from every casino that carries the identical game and placed into a common pot. The pot slowly grows, frequently into a million dollars or more until some special and extremely rare event triggers the payout.

A rare combination of symbols triggers a progressive jackpot in slots, while a royal flush will trigger it in video poker and an extremely rare combination of cards in blackjack. Since some games have an online and a mobile version, online players contribute to the pot as well causing it to grow even faster.

Below you will find the most comprehensive list of every Symbian jackpots available for your Nokia smartphone. Signing up is quick so within a few minutes you could be on your way to becoming the next multi-million dollar Nokia jackpots winner.

Nokia Jackpot Games

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