The pub fruity games that were the beloved main attraction of every single pub throughout the UK are now available on your Nokia smartphone. Nokia pub slots are a faithful rendition of the original. Every feature including nudges, stops, flashing lights and the rest of the standard features are reunited in the S60 apps.

These mobile pub slots were specifically designed for the S60, and take the full advantage of the sheer power of the Nokia. The fruity games explode with amazing colors and crisp digital sounds that produce a fulfilling gaming experience.

Now you finally have the freedom to play pub slots on your Nokia smartphone whenever and wherever you choose. Whether you are in a park or at the beach you can have the all the fun and excitement of the original, and if you are lucky, you can even win some serious money.

Below you will find the most comprehensive list of all live cash Nokia pub slots mobile games available for your S60 smartphone. The Nokia casino reviews list only the most well known mobile casinos with a reputation for fairness, honesty and top notch customer service.

Examine the list of the slots below and read the detailed reviews. When you decide upon the Symbian pub slot that you like best, click the ‘Play Now’ button.

It’s very quick and easy to sign up for a Nokia mobile casino account. You could even test out the mobile fruity slot for free or jump right in and start winning live cash. It’s all just a few a couple of minutes away on your Symbian smartphone.

Nokia Pub Slots Games

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