These days a simple Google Search will bring up thousands of online blackjack sites. In fact there are now over 14000 sites to choose from. There’s an awful lot of rubbish out there and so finding the best online blackjack sites isn’t such an easy job. any of these new sites don’t care if you’re a serious player as they just see you as a cash cow to be milked of all your cash, but offering nothing in return. You’d be surprised at the number of sites who’s sole purpose appears to be getting your deposit and then selling your personal information forwards. So how can you go about choosing a reputable blackjack site today? Well, at Blackjack Champ we’re here to help answer that pressing question.

Some years ago Blackjack Champ published a list of the go-to casinos for playing online blackjack. But, as Bob Dylan sang, “Times they are a-changin” and it’s the same with the casino industry. Many new sites have sprung up, which along with many new regulatory changes, means a new and updated list is now necessary. When we look at online gambling sites to play online blackjack for real money, we have a list of basic attributes that we take into consideration. Only if these starting points are all in place would we then go ahead and review a site. These important points include;

  • ease of use
  • safety
  • security
  • regulation by an international gaming authority
  • operated by a company you can trust with your money

Keep in mind that all those excellent blackjack strategies you spent hours learning will come to nothing if the game is already rigged. Often you’ll only discover this painful fact at the moment you decide to cash out. One thing you should always look for as a first stop at a new online casino, and that’s it’s license. Without a proper license, an online casino is not allowed to act as a casino. Full stop. These licenses are only given out if the casino company has all it’s ducks in order. After all, they are taking deposits from players, and you want to be sure that your moneys safe and secure there. These licenses can be issued by various licensing authorities. These commonly are: The Malta Gaming Authority, The United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Government of Curacao. There are many more, so check them out. Any casino wishing to gain a license needs to jump through any number of regulatory hoops to get it, and then keep their noses absolutely clean in order to maintain it’s use. It’s of upmost importance to check that these gambling companies possess a valid and legitimate gambling license. So… don’t play at sites who don’t have one or it’ll end in tears, yours not theirs!

Deposits and Withdrawals

Pay attention to the companies policies with regard to deposits and withdrawals. After all what’s the point of winning if you can’t then cash out. Remember that some withdraw options might not be available in your neck of the woods. Also some businesses make the depositing bit very easy, but when it comes to withdrawing your funds, then they make it as complicated and painful as possible. So check first, before you start to play. The competition for new customers is intense. So use it to your advantage. On may sites you’ll see that they are offering a first deposit bonus for new players. Essentially you get some free money after you make your first deposit into your online account. Depending on any number of factors, some casinos may double, triple or even quadruple your deposit. And yes, it really is free money to gamble with. Like everyone, you want to gamble as much as possible, win as much as possible, and yet spend as little as possible. That’s why it’s worth spending your time looking for great bonus offers. It’ll help you with your bankroll as the extra funds can be very useful when you play online blackjack for real money, especially if you don’t have a lot of funds to start with.

Conclusion: The Best Online Blackjack Sites

With so many new online blackjack sites, it’s difficult to know the starting point for any research into finding the best ones to play blackjack games online. We suggest that you start at the beginning. Find a site and see what the welcome bonus is. Then check it’s license and start to dig down further from there. take your time. remember that it’s your hard earned money, so don’t simply throw it away on a site that has all the bells and whistles, yet behind it is a scam. Another point is to keep in mind that playing blackjack is a constant learning experience. You will not be an expert at the beginning. Like any skill, it takes time and effort to master. At Blackjack Champ we have compiled a number of guides to help you to become a better player. You’re welcome!