Win Weekly Blackjack Cash Prizes – Up to $1000 in Cash!

Vegas Crest Casino is offering weekly blackjack cash prizes for you! You have a chance to win big this July. Just give it a try and see what happens.

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  • Available Games5.0
  • Minimum Deposit Requirement4.5
  • Prize Value5.0
  • Promotion Duration3.7
  • Wagering Requirement Difficulty4.5

Vegas Crest Casino is offering weekly blackjack cash prizes for you! You have a chance to win big this July. Just give it a try and see what happens.

If you are a blackjack lover, then, you will definitely enjoy the best online blackjack tournaments! It’s an exciting experience that gives you a great chance to win unexpectedly big. However, if you decided to switch to Blackjack tournaments, then, learn the rules first. And be ready to change the strategy you were always using. Though it’s the same game, the rules change a little when it comes to tournaments. It’s all because here you are not trying to beat the dealer, you are trying to beat the other players in the game.  

When You Can Join the Tournament and Win Weekly Blackjack Cash Prizes

Every Monday to Wednesday in July is your chance to change your fate with this tournament. Just place Here is all that you need to do – just place the best spin ten rounds in consequence in the certain slots. Then, you’ll be crowned to be the king. The greatest part is not stopping playing until you get the award of $2350. The top 50 players get the prizes. And the grand prize is $1000 in cash!  

There are hundreds of games of all kinds that you can play at Vegas Crest Casino! Whether you want to go for the card games, try slots, or anything else – just enter the casino and try them out!  

 More About the Weekly Blackjack Cash Prizes

SuperSpisn Casino is offering the limited Summer Bonanza Welcome Package that offers the 5X 100% Bonuses and additional 100 spins for free! 

At Vegas Crest Casino you can get the chance to fight for the top prize of $1000 in cash! This tournament will take place every week in July. So, from Friday to Sunday, you get an opportunity to pass through 5 rounds and become one of the winners! Players who managed to enter the list of top 20 players will get some bonus prizes. Thus, join the Vegas Crest Casino and win the great prizes after making your 200% 1st deposit bonus and additional 30 spins for free. 

Some Tips to Win

When you start playing Blackjack games, it’s always better to learn some tips first. Even if it’s a game of luck, some prior knowledge will make you perform better in a game. However, we are talking about Blackjack and it involves some level of skill needed. Hence, by working on your skills, you can make it better and win more. 

Our secret blackjack winning tip: get 2 of these cards!

Manage your time and money properly. If you do not pay attention to how much time and money you spend while gambling, you will lose more of them both than you could. Hence, decide on the limits and stick to those limits while playing. 

Analyze the game. No matter whether you win or lose the game, there is always something to learn from each round. You can understand what helps you win and what makes you lose the rounds. Hence, a good analysis of the game can always put you a bit further. So, do not neglect this phase. You can do the same with the tournaments and win the weekly blackjack cash prizes.  

Just Enjoy the Process

The problem with many gamblers after they join the best online blackjack games or tournaments is that they start focusing too much on the result only. You are gambling to enjoy the process. It’s great that you are goal-oriented and play not to just entertain but to win money. However, there is nothing wrong with doing both – playing for fun and trying to win money! Therefore, you can still keep training by maybe using gambling bonuses but do not make it the only goal in gambling.  

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