Android pub slots let gamblers bring their favorite pub fruity games along with them wherever they go. These games have been specially designed to work on Android-powered mobile phones, and are available at some of the top Android casinos on the net.

There are several advantages to playing fruit machine games on an Android phone instead of in the pub. First of all, mobile pub slots can be played anywhere – sitting in the park, standing in a queue, or out in the country for a holiday. As long as your phone gets reception, then the games will work.

Another reason to play Android pub slots games is that even though they are small, they are as high tech and feature filled as the ones down at the pub. They offer flashing lights, chain wins, nudges, and all the rest. Plus, they can be controlled with just a finger if the phone you’re using has a touch screen.

While the quality of Android pub slots apps is top notch, there are not very many available yet. As Android phones become more widespread and the demand for Android apps increases, players will surely see a rise in the number of Android casino games.