It has been almost fifteen years since the first online casino opened up to the public. Since then, internet gambling has become unbelievably popular with gamblers all over the world. But the world is changing, and with it comes a new way to gamble – mobile casinos.

Mobile casino software makes mobile gambling possible. It powers the casino games that players can run on their phones, and it helps those games communicate with central computers that distribute winnings and work to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

There are several different companies involved in making mobile casino software. Some of these make games that work on standard mobile phones, while others specialize in iPhone gambling or Android gambling. Each mobile software group offers its own set of games for players to explore.

Mobile casino software comes in one of two styles: instant play or download. Download software offers games either individually or in packs that must be downloaded to the player’s phone. Instant play, or no-download mobile casino software, offers games that run in the phone’s web browser, and don’t need to be set up.

Use these pages to learn more about different types of mobile casino software and what each has to offer.