Probability has been specializing in mobile casino software since 2005. The group is headquartered in the UK, and is listed on London’s AIM stock exchange, but operates on a Remote Gambling license from the Government of Gibraltar.

Probability software is one of the largest and most successful producers of mobile casino games to emerge during the last few years, despite the fact that they are partnered with only a handful of mobile casinos.

The popularity of Probability casinos is due to two factors. First, they offer a massive game selection, providing players with access a much larger variety of games than their competition. There are more than 25 mobile casino games offered by Probability, and the number continues to grow.

Another factor contributing to Probability’s success is their impressive device compatibility. Their games run on over 8,000 types of mobile phones, from mid-1990′s Nokias to the latest iPhone, iPad and Google Android devices. Games designed for newer phones can be controlled using the phone’s touch-screen display.

Below are listed the top mobile casinos that offer Probability mobile casino games. Use the links to sign up, and start winning on your mobile today!

Probability Casino Games

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