Keno is a great numbers game that borrows themes from both lottery games and bingo games, and then blends them together to create something new. It’s easy to learn and fun to play, and it can be very profitable too!

Keno basically involves guessing what numbers will be chosen by the computer out of all possible answers. The game is played on a big grid, and players pick as many numbers as they like. Then, the computer picks their own numbers, and players get paid for any matches. Usually, prize money increases if players choose fewer numbers.

Playing mobile keno on a Blackberry smartphone can is easy. The game has been designed to work well on the phone’s small screen, and to be easy to control using the keypad. Each round of Blackberry keno lasts maybe a minute, so it’s a great game for playing during short breaks, or whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

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Play keno on your Blackberry at Platinum Play Casino

Blackberry Keno Games

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