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Vegas Blackjack Signals GIF Package

Jun 20, 2016

Download our Vegas Blackjack Signals Package, learn about non-verbal communication at the blackjack tables, and make the impression of a card shark.


There are four fundamental blackjack hand signals that should be known by every player. Non-verbal communication is really important at the casinos for two reasons. First of all, it emphasizes your intention. Casinos can be rather noisy, so while saying what you want, you emphasize¬†it with a gesture to make it totally clear to the dealer. Furthermore, these gestures help the “eye in the sky“, aka the casino’s security. If there’s a dispute, or a mistake on the dealer’s side, replaying the footage will resolve the situation. Please keep in mind that the sign and the word go hand in hand: you should say the word hit, stand, double down, or split and also signal it.

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When you hit in blackjack, you’re asking for another card from the dealer.

Blackjack Signal:

Tap the table with two fingers and wave towards yourself.




Stand means that you don’t want more cards.

Blackjack Signal:

Wave hands horizontally above your cards.



At most tables you can double your bet after receiving your first two cards

Blackjack Signal:

Place the additional chips next to your initial bet.



If your first two cards are the same, you can split them to create two hands for an additional bet.

Blackjack Signal:

The Blackjack signal for splitting is almost identical to Double Down, but instead of placing your additional chips inside of the betting box, you put them outside of it.

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