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Movie Review of the Gambler: Shooting for the Stars but Falling Flat

January 19, 2015

Mark Wahlberg plays Jim Bennett in The Gambler, a remake of the 1974 film starring James Caan.... author

6 Tips to Help You Stay Focused While Playing Blackjack

January 8, 2015

Drinking alcohol or being sleep-deprived will lead to blackjack strategy mistakes and lost money... author

4 Greatest Las Vegas Casino Heists in History

January 5, 2015

Here’s why you should think twice before planning a Las Vegas casino heist: Real life isn’t Ocean’s Eleven... author

3 Cases of Gamblers Falsely Accused of Cheating

January 2, 2015

James Grosjean used a legit blackjack strategy but was accused of cheating anyway... author

5 Biggest Gambling Losers of 2014

December 31, 2014

Phil Ivey drugs will be a major business venture now that the poker pro is semi-retired from gambling... author

How to Become an Expert in BlackjackBasic Strategy in 5 Minutes

December 30, 2014

The easiest way to win at blackjack is to memorize a blackjack basic strategy chart... author

3 Easy to Learn Card Counting Systems

Learning a simple card counting system can be a winning blackjack strategy... author

4 A-List Celebs Shown the Door at Luxury Casinos

December 8, 2014

Ben Affleck is excellent in blackjack strategy was kicked out of two casinos in 2014 for using card counting systems... author

4 Ways Casinos Cheated Customers According to Arnold Snyder

December 2, 2014

During the 1960s Las Vegas casinos used dirty blackjack strategy tricks to rig games in favor of the dealer.... author

Blackjack Legend Edward Thorp and the Origin of Card Counting Systems

November 29, 2014

Edward O. Thorp provided the mathematical theory behind card counting systems during the 1960s.... author

7 Gambling Terms Used as Metaphors

November 22, 2014

Blackjack strategy phases like “double down” and “ace in the hole” show the popularity of gambling in America.... author

5 Basic Facts to Know for Betting at Bitcoin Casinos

November 20, 2014

Betting at Bitcoin casinos is a high-quality way to play online blackjack and find the best casino online bonuses.... author

4 Blackjack Tricks so Stupid Only an Expert Would Use Them

November 19, 2014

Some winning blackjack tricks go against what most players believe to be smart strategy.... author

Cyberworld to Swoop into Social Betting Swarm

November 18, 2014

Cyberworld plans for its new social mobile sportsbetting app to become one of the leaders in the industry.... author

How Virtual Cops are Keeping Online Gamblers Safe and Sound

November 17, 2014

It’s important for online blackjack and mobile casino software users to take steps to protect their information online.... author

2 Keys to Soft Hand Strategy Proven to Help Win at Blackjack

November 15, 2014

Knowing when to double down on a soft hand is crucial to winning blackjack strategy.... author

Sneak Preview: Mark Wahlberg to Star in Remake of “The Gambler”

November 12, 2014

The opening scene of The Gambler features Mark Wahlberg winning at blackjack.... author

3 Strange-but-True Headlines Featuring Phil Ivey

November 10, 2014

Poker pro Phil Ivey has connections to gangster Paul Phua and now has a license to sell medicinal marijuana.... author

Atari to Launch Real-Money Mobile Casino App

November 9, 2014

Atari Casino will offer an excellent selection of mobile casino gambling games like mobile blackjack and video poker.... author

How Sticking to Your Blackjack Strategy Card will See You Through a Stiff Hand

November 5, 2014

The key to winning at blackjack when dealt a stiff hand is to follow your blackjack strategy card....