what is double down in blackjack, double down in blackjack

Do you know what is double down in blackjack? Some of you might already know. 

For those who don’t though, here it is – doubling down is the chance to improve your value by 100%! Yet, it does not come for anything. Once you take your first card, you have to stand in return. Doubling down is a very exciting move in the best online blackjack games. Yet, you should note that it’s a risky move because most in most of the time it just ends your betting. And if you get the second card of low value, you won’t be able to hit it again. 

Therefore, not every gambler is willing to take the risk and go for doubling down. Mostly, more experienced players are brave enough to risk it. Adventure-loving players though choose to double down pretty frequently. It’s better to start practicing it once you have a bit more experience in playing Blackjack games to increase your chances to win more. 

What is Double Down in Blackjack and When Can You Use It?

Just knowing “what is double down in blackjack” is not enough, there are special situations where you can use it. And you should know about those situations to use doubling down at the right time.

Basically, there are three situations where you can double down in blackjack. The first time you can place a double down is when you have a total of 11. This gives a huge chance to hit 21. And even if it does not happen, you will most probably get very close to that number. 

What is double down in blackjack, blackjack winner
When can you use double down? Source: Pexels

The second time you can go for double down is when you have 16, 17, or 18 sets in your hand and the dealer has a face-up card of two-six. So, if a dealer is showing a lower card, you can double down. The idea of keeping it the way it is might seem very attractive, but you might miss a chance to improve your hand. 

And the third case when you can double down is when you have a hard 9 or 10. But you should still do it only if the dealer’s card is low. And remember that double down does not guarantee you a good result always. It’s a risk that you take. Thus, do it at the right time with the right tactic. 

When You Should Abstain From Double Down?

Besides the times when you are recommended to double down, there are also specific situations where you should stay away from double down. One of the most obvious times is when the dealer is showing an ace card. That’s because the dealer’s chances to reach 21 are very high. 

What is double down in blackjack
When do you have to stay away from the double down? Source: Pixabay

And the second time where you should not double down is when you show any card that is higher than 11. Thus, if you are hesitating whether to double down in this case or not, keep the game as it is. 

Understanding the situations when you should not double down is important because if you go for it without knowing when you should do it, you will just lose a lot. In most cases, doubling down is not what you should go for. Take this risk when you feel like you are ahead of others. 

Do You Want More Excitement? Go for a Split in Blackjack

Other than doubling down, there is one more popular strategy in blackjack called splitting. You know what is double down in blackjack, so, let’s figure out what splitting is. Basically, if your two hole cards are forming a pair, you get the chance to split. And the only time for splitting happens once you receive the cards you have. Once you decide to go for it, the cards will be split into two standard hands. Just as in the case of double down, it gives much more excitement to the game with the risks that you take. 

what is double down in blackjack, strategies in blackjack
Be ready to use blackjack strategies and enjoy the game Source: Pixabay

So, your chances to hit 21 are becoming higher when you split the aces. That’s because the amount of the 10-value cards is way more compared to other cards. If you are dealt the pair of 10s though, keep sticking. And it’s also crucial to consider the dealer’s hand. 

If you get the pair of nines, you can go for splitting if you know that the dealer has two, three, four, fixe, six, eight, or nine. Nevertheless, in case there are seven, ten, or ace, it’s better not to split. And in the same manner, if you have sixes and the dealer’s hand is between two and six, split it. Or take another card. 

What is Double Down in Blackjack: Split or Double Down?

You know what is double down in blackjack and what is split. Then there is a question of whether you can split and double down. So, what you can do is to split if your hand consists of matching pairs. And the second hand you should cover with the bet size of your first bet. Next, the dealer deals with the second hand in order to finish both of the hands. And usually, double down after this is not allowed. Therefore, check the rules of the casinos first. 

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