All Nokia keno games are descended from an ancient Chinese game which today can be found in pubs, cafes and casino keno lounges throughout the world. Symbian keno is an exciting blend of traditional lotto with 80 ball bingo and is available at multiple top rated Nokia mobile casinos.

Each of the unique mobile S60 keno apps takes full advantage of the raw power of Nokia’s graphics acceleration technology to provide an exciting and truly memorable gaming experience. Nokia keno games are fast and easy to use with lots of supersized cash rewards that truly make them a winner.

To win real money on the mobile keno, players must correctly predict up to 15 numbers (out of the possible 80) that match as closely as possible to the twenty numbered balls randomly drawn by the game. A Player lucky enough to select the same 15 numbers on the Symbian keno board as are drawn will win hundreds of thousands of dollars instantly!

The payout levels of Nokia keno games are based on the total number of balls the player wants to predict as well as the total number of correct predictions. So the players who decide to predict five numbers (but only guess three correctly) will win a lot less than players who decide to predict three numbers (and correctly guess all three).

Below you will find the most comprehensive list of mobile casino offering live cash Symbian keno for you Nokia mobile. Signing up with any of the reputable Symbian casinos below is quick and easy. In just a few minutes, you could be playing one of the real money Nokia keno games whenever and wherever you choose.

Nokia Keno Games

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