Poker Insurance Payout Offer: You’ll Win $100 if You Win the Hand

Join Poker Insurance Payout offer at partypoker and you will win $100 if you win the hand. Find a minute to check and get your shares.

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  • Available Games4.8
  • Minimum Deposit Requirement4.3
  • Prize Value5.1
  • Promotion Duration4.6
  • Wagering Requirement Difficulty4.2
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Partypoker is an amazing platform to join and enjoy your favorite poker offers and tournaments. Keep an action going all week long. Take part in the poker insurance payout offer, and win $100 if you win the hand.

However, you’ll receive your current odds minus a 1% fee. So, using the above example where you have 80% equity in a $100 pot, you’d receive $79.20. Moreover, that’s 80% equity ($80) minus 1% ($0.80).

Poker Insurance Payout Offer: How to Take Part?

Partypoker has announced the launch of All-In Cashout. So, this is a feature designed to reduce the variance of all-ins post-flop. It allows players to insure their hand against bad beats.

All-In Cashout is now rolling out at Partypoker’s standard tables and FastForward cash game tables.

Do you want to know how All-In Cashout works? Take a moment and keep reading:

  • A player who decides to continue playing without an instant payout will retain 100% of the bet.
  • In case you use All-In Cashout, get an instant payout. The result of the showdown becomes irrelevant to that player.
  • However, if one player is All-In Cashout and his opponent is not, the outcome of the hand still matters.
  • Why? Because the player who lets him move on can still win the pot. This is because Partypoker takes the risk when someone insures their hand.
  • And so, Partypoker pays out money regardless of the result. If the player who used the All-In Cashout had won the hand, Partypoker would have taken the pot.
  • If the insured hand loses at showdown, Partypoker takes the hit.

Furthermore, partypoker is making it quick and easy to cash in or out. Don’t miss the chance to join Poker insurance payout offer and earn extra big shares.

Check our latest review about partypoker, find additional details, and get ready for extra big prizes. Good luck my friends!

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